Our Duct Tape Marketing System stresses the importance of Differentiation – Differentiating your services is CRITICAL if you want to have an effective Marketing System.

I ask Remodelers this question all the time: “What makes you different than other builders?”

Usual answers:

  • “Quality”
  • “Great Service”

Sorry my friends – those aren’t points of difference – those are expectations!

When I get those answers we start to dig into why they said quality…get into the details… We go out and complete Client Surveys and after some detective work we start to uncover some strong points of difference.

What I want to stress is that sometimes it turns out to be the little things you do. Sometimes it’s your Unique Process. Your Unique Abilities.

I love this commercial from Southwest (click the play button below.) They have found their point of difference and have created their ENTIRE Marketing Message around it.

Find something that makes YOU unique. Plant your flag and build your Marketing Message around it!