Depending on the mood you’re in today, here are a few things for you:

If you just want a straight-up business tip … Grab this template and implement it! Example initial email to send out to a new remodeling prospect.

If you’re needing a podcast to listen to… Remodelers On The Rise had 3 new episodes last week!

If you’re feeling spiritual… I’ve been posting short, daily devotionals on my personal Facebook page here. Feel free to add me as a friend.

If you’re feeling social… Almost 900 remodelers are part of Remodelers Community. It’s an active group full of great questions, advice, tips, and feedback. You can join here (there’s no cost.)

Lastly, if you’re disappointed you missed out on the Fall Course bundle discount… 

I offered a 46% discount when you signed up for all four courses. We had 15 remodelers take me up on that, but that’s no longer an option.  

BUT there are a few other options you can take advantage of!  

Do you want to get involved in all 3 courses that remain? (see them here)

You can do that and get a 33% Discount (Regular Price: $697 x 3 = $2091 | With the 30% Discount you pay $1463 (You save $628!)  

Do you see 2 courses that you want to take from the October, November, December courses? Cool! You can receive 20% off! (Regular Price: $697 x 2 = $1394 | With the 20% Discount you pay $1115 (You save $279)  

Do you see 1 course that you want to take from the October, November, December courses? Cool! You’ll pay the regular $697 rate, but you’re going to get 10X the value from it in the coming year!

Thank you for giving me some of your time and attention this morning – have a great rest of the week