I sent the letter below to all of my remodeling clients recently, thought I’d also post it on the blog in case others might want to contribute!

As a client of mine you’re probably excited and thinking…

“Kyle sent me something – I wonder what it is! Certainly after supporting his business and paying him all that money he wouldn’t be asking me for more money – it must be a gift!”

You’d be wrong! I’m actually asking you for money and support, but it isn’t to help me or my family, but other families.

For the last three years I have been the President of the Board of Directors for an organization called Courageous Kids. Sarah and I are thankful and blessed that we have four healthy kids, but as you know, that isn’t always the case.

A friend, Terri Hocking, approached me three years ago with an idea for a new non-profit that she was passionate about starting. We put together the plan, started working on the logistics, built out a Board of Directors, secured our 501(c)3, and launched the organization.

As you’ll read in the attached information, we have helped nearly 1,000 children and their family members through a variety of wonderful events.

As of September of 2013, Terri is now a full-time employee for Courageous Kids. This is very exciting, as it will allow us to help more kids/families, hold more events, and extend our mission further! We have a strong savings account, a reasonable annual budget, but as we move into this new phase, it means that we need to go beyond our annual golf outing and simple fundraisers and increase our monetary support.

We have a goal of securing $10,000 in monetary donations by December 31, 2013. I appreciate your consideration of a donation (large or small!) or even simple well wishes and/or prayers for the success of our organization and the lives of the kids and families we touch.

I’m very grateful for your time and consideration!

Most sincerely,

PDF with more details can be found here.

If you’d like to know more about Courageous Kids, or ways that you can support us outside of a monetary donation, please reach out or visit www.courageouskidsmi.org