Appropriate for the Christmas Season is this picture – you’ll notice the friendly neighbor on the right has put up “Ditto.”



Copycat Marketing doesn’t work. In Duct Tape Marketing, we define Copycat Marketing as follows:

Since, as we’ve seen, most small business owners don’t think of themselves as marketers and are too busy doing and creating, when they do turn to marketing, it is in a piecemeal, ad hoc fashion that involves basically copying what they see and hear is working for others. Trying to fill this obvious marketing void, they look around for examples of marketing from others in their industry. In other words, they practice what I like to call Copycat Marketing. In most cases they don’t even realize they are doing it; they just go with marketing practices that are already the accepted norm in their industry.

Take a look at the picture above…

You want to be uniquely decorated house, right? You want to stand out, be different and be the logical choice the homeowner makes for their Kitchen Remodel project, correct?

That is done by systematically building a proven, practical and effective Marketing System.

It’s not as hard as you might think… Contact me and ask how you can take the first step towards building your Marketing System.