Remodeler: “Hey Kyle, should I renew this advertising for another year?”

Kyle: “I don’t know, what do your numbers say? How were the results?”

Remodeler: “Well… I haven’t really been tracking things that closely.”


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a report that shows you:

  • Total number of leads you generated – organized by lead source (i.e. website, referral, Houzz, Facebook, etc.)
  • Your closing percentage (overall and by lead source)
  • Amount of revenue you generated by lead source
  • Your Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Sale

Would it help you decide what to invest less in? Or more in?

It’s much easier to make decisions on where to invest your precious advertising/marketing dollars when you know how well those dollars have been performing.

And it’s much better to rely on facts and hard numbers vs. what your gut or memory is telling you.

Clearly tracking your leads and results (using the Marketing Dashboard Report) is just one of the many things you’ll love about Remodelers AutoPilot.