A client of mine is making good and solid changes to her sales process. She emailed me early the other day asking if I could talk.

The reason is because she needed, in her words, a “pump me up” talk.

Translation: “I have a new home construction prospect I’m meeting this morning and I need a confidence boost, because I’m not fully used to the changes we are implementing!”

I sent her a link to this 25 second movie clip and told her she’s going to do great (which she did.)

A big reason you don’t make changes to your sales process (and marketing system) is because of fear. Worried that the question isn’t going to come out right. That you’ll stumble over the words. That the retainer won’t work. The fear of, “I’ve never done that before – it’s uncomfortable.”

You have to break through that fear! If you hear a good idea or think of a new approach, try it out! Trial and error is what it takes to continue to improve.

Don’t let lousy and weak fear stop you.

If you need a ‘pump me up’ talk you can grab one here.