I just started a new thing this morning that I wanted to invite you to. It’s called Remodelers One A Week (details can be found here. It’s perfect for non-remodelers as well.)

The idea behind it is really simple and it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while.

It’s a simple way to set a clear and important commitment/goal each week + some group accountability to get it done.

I’m charging $20/month for it.

No pressure at all to join! If you don’t think you would use it or find it valuable, no worries.

But if you think it would be something you would actively participate in and that would help you get an important task DONE each week, let’s get you signed up here!


Big50 Award – I noticed that Remodeling Magazine extending their Big50 deadline.

Last year I wrote up a post called: ‘The Big50 Award. Should you care? about the value of earning the Big50 Award for your remodeling business.


And in that post I just pointed you to – I link to this oldie but goodie – 30 Little Way To Differentiate Your Remodeling Business. Enjoy!