During the process of developing your Marketing System – the Sales Process comes up regularly.

While Marketing & Sales are two separate “departments” of your business – they intersect regularly.

I hear this statement quite a lot from Remodelers, “But Kyle, I’m not a salesman…”

Uh. Yeah you are.

We all are!

Being a professional at selling has less to do with fancy 1-line closes and MUCH more to do with:

  1. Asking the right questions.
  2. Building know, like and trust.
  3. Being organized.
  4. Following up.
I want to help you improve your Sales Process and offer you a FREE TOOL that you can begin using TODAY.

Quick question for you:

When a prospect calls in – what are you currently using to take down their information? What questions are you asking them?

If your Lead Taking form looks like the following blank sheet of paper – “Houston, we have a problem!”

Yellow Sheet of Writing Paper

Project Discovery Sheet

We need to take a Professional Approach to lead taking. It starts by collecting the right information. Asking questions to find out How they found you and what they know about you. Then moving on to some questions that will help you understand their project and help you begin to qualify them as a solid lead.

GRAB a copy of my Project Discovery sheet.

No need to fill out a form to access it, just click on the link and download the PDF.

All I ask is that after you have used it (or if you have questions) – Reach out to me via email or phone and share with me your thoughts and how it has improved this first (and very important!) step in your Sales Process.