Marketing = Getting someone who has a need to know, like, and trust you.

If you aren’t sending the prospect an email between the time you spoke with them on the phone and the initial in-person meeting – you’re missing an opportunity to build know, like, and trust and do the following:

  • Confirm the appointment date/time – show them that you are organized
  • Let them know what to expect at the first meeting – educate them on your process and how they can prepare for the meeting
  • Link them to resources like Houzz and how they can create and share an idea book with you
  • Share the Cost vs. Value Report with them – continue the conversation about what they are looking to invest in the project
  • Link them to specific parts of your website to help build know, like, and trust

This email is a perfect opportunity to differentiate your remodeling business from anybody else they may be talking to.

We want them thinking:

‘Wow – these guys are organized. Have a process. Are professional. Have attention to detail.’

If you’d like to see a complete example of the initial email you can send to a new prospect (along with a postcard you could also mail out) please send me an email and I’ll send it over to you.