I received the email below from a client of mine. We’ve been working on how he’s qualifying new leads – in a short couple of months he’s gone from – ‘I can’t talk about budget – I could never charge for the drawing/scope of work/etc. phase’ – to what you see below:

“Kyle – Since we’ve been meeting, I have changed our approach to how we start interacting with new prospects.

During the initial meeting I get to know their project and then talk about budgets, time frames and all the misc. stuff that an initial meeting brings and try to give them a rough idea of what I think the project will cost.

From there I figure out if they are serious by telling them the next phase will be the project development phase which includes a drawing, scope of work and site research.

I tell them this has a cost and give them a rough idea of that cost. This is where we separate the tire kicker from the serious client. The serious folks have no problem with it, the tire kickers hem haw and find a way out, I don’t waste my time on estimating a project that is going nowhere, it’s beautiful!”

He’s protecting his time and working only with ideal clients. He’s starting to take control of his business!


Wasting time on unqualified leads.

Disorganized sales process and sales pipeline.

Leads falling through the cracks.

No clear reporting on what works/doesn’t work.

Failing to stay-in-touch to harvest repeat and referral work.

Trying to figure it out all on your own while working long hours.

If those lines hit close to home, it may be time to invest in this and fix those issues once and for all (Remodelers AutoPilot).