My son has been playing basketball this year. 

He’s a freshman. 

Not the most talented on the team,

But he’s hustling.

He’s working hard.

He’s holding his own and contributing. 


He also lets a bad play get the best of him.

His whole demeanor changes.

You can see it in his face (even with most of it covered with a mask!)

You can see it in his dejected body language.


And when a he makes a good play?

You can see that too!

He has more pep in his step,

He gets a little more aggressive and active.

You can see the confidence build.


My thought here:

Don’t linger so much on what isn’t going well.

We have to work hard to keep our confidence up.

To not get beat down when something doesn’t go right,

When we lose out on a project,

When a new obstacle trips us up.


Learn from it – take it seriously – but don’t linger and let it drain your confidence.

Spend more time focused on things you’re doing well,

Positive steps forward you’re making,

Successes you’ve had on the sales and marketing front,

Clients that are thrilled with the job you did for them.



Work to build it up.

It’s a huge intangible to success and in continuing to grow and move forward.