AND_Gary Vaynerchuk has a saying he uses – it’s just one word: AND?
His thought behind it – ‘Ok – so what are you going to do about it?’ ‘Yes, it sucks’ ‘Yes, it’s tough.’ ‘AND?’

Finding good carpenters is tough. AND?

I’ve sold a bunch, now I don’t have enough help to produce it. I’ve been focused on production, now I don’t have any jobs lined up. AND?

It’s hard to balance my work and home responsibilities. AND?

I don’t have time to market my business effectively. AND?

I can’t seem to find the time to do get my quotes and job cost reports done. AND?

The thought with the question ‘AND?’ is to try and squash the negativity and excuses.

The next time you are lamenting about something or making an excuse about something – repeat this short question to yourself: ‘AND?’

Then (MOST IMPORTANTLY!) figure out the next right thing you can do to move forward and push through the obstacle or challenge.

There’s a lot to be frustrated about when you run a remodeling business. AND?