I was speaking with a Remodelers AutoPilot client this morning and he relayed this story to me:

I sent the 6-month follow-up email [See a copy of the email below] to a remodeling client of mine.

Her reply to me was: ‘In all the years and all the businesses I’ve dealt with – you’re the first person who actually followed up 6-months after the project to see how everything is going!’

She was delighted. That conversation I had with her led to a little $10,000 remodeling project that next month.
Following up after the job is completed pays off!


Here’s what the 6-month email that is sent out of Remodelers AutoPilot looks like:

Subject Line: Hunt Remodeling Project


I just wanted to thank you again for choosing [Business Name] for your remodeling project – we truly enjoyed working with you!

We like to touch base with clients 6 months after the project to make sure that you don’t have any unanswered questions about maintenance and care.
Please let me know if we can be of service – we are always here to help you in any way that we can. Thank you again!


Agree that this is a good idea?

Here are two ways to implement this idea:

1. Copy and Paste the email that I just gave you above. When you are done with a project – go to your calendar and go out 6 months.

Create an appointment for that day – put ‘Send 6-month follow-up email to [Client Name]’ as the title. When that pops up on your calendar – copy/paste – and get it taken care of.

2. Sign-up for Remodelers AutoPilot :)When you click the ‘COMPLETED JOB’ sequence in Remodelers AutoPilot – the following emails/postcard will be sent out automatically at the specified time – without you having to think about it:

When added to this, they receive the following:

  • 1 day – How did we do? [Client Satisfaction Survey]
  • 20 days – Can you leave a review for us? [Request to leave a review on Google & Houzz]
  • 180 days – [Client Name] Remodeling Project [See this above]
  • 365 days – 1-Year Birthday Postcard
  • 547 days – Hi [Client Name]! [18 month check-in email]
  • They are also regularly receiving a professional email newsletter [this is your done-for-you email newsletter that is part of Remodelers AutoPilot]

Dedicated to your success,

P.S. For those who may be thinking: ‘Kyle, this is just going to lead to people wanting us to come back to fix little things and make little adjustments.’ Yes, it very well could.

But more than ANYTHING ELSE – we want to have THRILLED clients – not satisfied clients. One way to exceed their expectation is by following up after the job is done and taking great care of them – these thrilled clients will come back to you for more work and more actively refer you to others.

Think of these visits after the job is done as a marketing investment.