About 6 weeks ago, a client I’ve been working with for a while asked if we could review his sales process.

He’s made a lot of changes and improvements over the last year and wanted a tune-up and to review things.

Smart, right? Never settle and think you’ve got it all figured out (me with you.)

He shared with me the questions he’s asking on the initial phone call with a new remodeling prospect.

How he’s explaining his design agreement and process. How he’s using Remodelers AutoPilot. His process when he gets to the home for the initial in-person meeting.

As we were digging into things, one thing jumped out at me…

I asked him, ‘Hey, how many minutes have your initial phone calls with new prospects been? Sounds like you’re rushing through that step a bit…’

He agreed – he hasn’t been setting up the call well and letting them know the call usually lasts 10-15 minutes and confirming with them that that works for them.

He hasn’t been asking as many questions about their project. He hasn’t been explaining his process as well as he used to.

And what this has caused is that he’s quickly booking a time to go out and meet with them. He hasn’t qualified them very well. He hasn’t talked budget with them at all. He hasn’t built a lot of know, like, and trust with them. He hasn’t been differentiating himself from the other remodelers these people may be talking with.

And that has all added to him wasting a lot of his precious (and limited!) time.


Fast forward, and over the last few weeks he’s gotten back to the things he learned and was previously doing.

He told me, ‘I’ve been saying to prospects that ‘this call usually lasts between 10-15 minutes, does that work for you?’ – and it’s changed the entire tone of the conversation! We’re taking more time to get to know each other. I’m understanding them and their project more. We are talking about budget much more often.

And besides all of the benefits that come from those things – I’m protecting my time because I’m weeding out the tire kickers and folks that aren’t a good fit (in a professional way.)’


Punch line for you – take a look at your sales process.

What can you be doing more/less of? Don’t settle! And don’t back slide! Keep improving.

Free Coaching Call – If you’d like to get feedback on your sales process for your remodeling business, request a free coaching call with me. We’ll talk for 20-30 minutes and I’ll give you some ideas/advice.

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