Randy, a remodeler in Texas, asked this question:

“I find it more difficult to sell project development when the client already has renderings and selections from a designer. Any suggestions?”

Here’s what I wrote:

Even if you aren’t doing the design on a project, you can still charge for project development. Practice how you package and present this (that’s a tongue twister!) and you’ll have success.

A couple of thoughts: 

1. This is one reason why it’s important not just to name what we do ‘Design Agreement’ or ‘Design Services’ Always add in some type of wording around Project Development That way you can say, “Oh great, so you won’t need the Design part of our Design & Project Development services, but you will still need the Project Development portion.

2. You need to sell them on EVERYTHING that goes into Project Development. And it’s a lot! 

Here’s a list you can swipe and make your own. I just took a quick stab at putting “Y” next to the ones that “Yes, we still do that as part of Project Development and “N” next to the ones that you wouldn’t be doing because you aren’t handling design. 

When they see this list and you explain all of the work involved, they will see the depth and work that you still are bringing to the table and why you charge for those services. 

“Here are some of the pre-construction services we provide to clarify your project and to help it run more smoothly” 

Y – Conduct Technical Walk-thru 
Y – Conduct Project Design And Construction Planning Questionnaire 
N – Conduct Design Concepts Discussion 
Y – Take Pre-construction Photos 
N – Make Field Sketch  N – Take Detailed Measurements 
N – Create Basic Concept Drawings 
Y – Develop Preliminary Budget 
Y – Develop Preliminary Specifications 
Y – Conduct Preliminary Spec & Budget Meeting 
Y – Provide Fixture & Finish Selection Guidance 
Y – Pull Building Permits 
Y – Work With Local Inspectors & Handle Any Code Issues 
Y – Create Material Take-off Lists 
Y – Release Fixture & Material Purchase Orders 
Y – Arrange Material & Fixture Deliveries 
Y – Verify Absence Of Damage 
Y – Obtain Specialty Trade Proposals 
Y – Schedule Specialty Trade Crews 
Y – Implement Property Protection Measures 
Y – Implement Dust Mitigation Measures

I hope you find this helpful!

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