When you’re talking to a remodeling prospect – you need to clearly articulate:

“This is how we work.”

Those are 5 powerful words a prospect needs to hear come out of your mouth (and read on your ‘Our Remodeling Process’ document.)

They don’t remodel every week. They have apprehension about the process. They need to clearly understand what to expect.

Make it clear. Make it easy. Limit the options.

This puts them at ease, makes their choice easier, and converts more of your prospects to paying clients.

They crave a PROCESS – give it to them!

Being able to articulate your remodeling process is just one of things we focus on when we set-up Remodelers AutoPilot.

P.S. ‘If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.’

This is a quote from a smart guy named Albert Einstein. Quite relevant to the topic above.


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