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Here Are the 3 areas i help remodelers:

The three main areas that I focus on are: Marketing, Sales Process, and Financials/Business Strategy 

If you are needing to generate more high-quality leads or if you don’t have a well-thought-out and effective marketing plan, click here.

If you’re not charging for design and project development, you are shooting from the hip, or you don’t have a solid process to qualify and disqualify potential projects, click here.
Are you charging enough? Do you understand your P&L statement? Are you overwhelmed by your financials? If so, click here

In addition to courses and coaching, we have a Done-for-You service we offer called Remodelers AutoPilot!

Remodelers AutoPilot is a simple and effective way to leverage your most valuable marketing asset, your previous clients, through done-for-you email newsletters and social media posts at a low monthly rate.

Are you staying in touch with your previous clients? If not, click here to learn more and try our done-for-you service for only $1

paid Free resources for you

Everyone learns differently! To reach my ideal remodeling clients, I create content in a variety of ways (written/audio/images/video). I hope these free resource are a stepping stone to building a stronger remodeling business!

Remodelers on the Rise LIVE

A 30-minute live show focused on helping remodelers improve their businesses. It streams in Remodelers Community, on YouTube, and LinkedIn and is fast-paced, informative, and fun!

Remodelers Community

Remodelers Community is an engaging, private Facebook group that I run. Has a lot of great conversation and sharing from over 1,000+ quality remodelers

Remodelers Vault

Remodelers Vault is a collection of resources/templates/tools create by remodelers for remodelers to strengthen your remodeling business, sharpen your sales process, improve your marketing, gain clarity of your financials, and much more!

Remodelers on the Rise

Remodelers on the Rise is a weekly podcast full of ideas/inspiration/interviews for you and some that might be good for you to share with employees/trade partners.

Text Message Club

Interested In Getting Text Messages From Me? Might be a quick idea for your remodeling business or word of encouragement. By joining, it will allow me to regularly check-in, nudge, encourage, help, and say hi via text! Just text JOIN to 516-219-9736

YouTube Channel

Throughout the year I’ll post videos, The Remodelers Show, webinar recordings, and other content on my YouTube channel. 

Newsletters Sent for Remodelers AutoPilot Clients in 2020

Remodelers Whose Spouses Were Thankful for Improve Work/Life Integration

Remodelers Who Impacted Their Business by Participating in One of Kyle's Courses Last Year

Times Kyle Has Heard You Can't Charge for Design/Project Development

Testimonials & Featured Clients

We are using your Remodelers Auto Pilot, and have had some previous clients reach out to us from it, which is fantastic, and the other big benefit I have found is the peace of mind of not having to worry about or think about keeping up with facebook posts and emailing clients.

Grant Stelling Owner, Compass Construction Company

Before working with Kyle -business was so hard. I was making tiny, incremental improvments. Working with him is like having a bulldozer behind me! Pushing me to improve, move, grow, and get better. Working with Kyle has made my life so much easier.

Josh Nelson Owner, Nelson Builders

[The Charging for Design and Project Development course] gave us the final push to try this, there has already been a monetary benefit.

Ben Templeton

Co-President, Templeton Building Company

I’d recommend Remodelers AutoPilot. I was hesitant at first to try it but I am an absolute believer now. It’s a great way to keep in touch with past clients and even possible future clients. We have has 12-15 clients reply to the newsletter Kyle created wanting us to do another project for them. With his only being our fifth month with AutoPilot, I’d say you get a lot of bang for your buck with this program.

James Lambert

Owner, TSG Renovations

The first time Kyle walked into my show room I was changing a light bulb. I was at that time going to what I saw that needed done, not planning. Fast forward 10ish years and we now have a process for almost everything. I now work ON the business then stead of IN the business. By that I mean I have a much better BIG picture outlook. My employees like the things we’ve worked on with Kyle.

Ken Selle

Owner, Lloyd’s Cabinet Shop

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Here’s a Very Simple Recruiting Tip

Here’s a Very Simple Recruiting Tip

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