I like to give, give – and then give some more! – value to you. It never sits great to ASK for something in return or openly promote my wares! You give me your time and attention and I value and appreciate that immensely. SO – to make myself feel better about the promotion I’m about to make, I’ll start it with a few quick items of value:

  1. In your Sales Process – Are you sending out an email to a prospect between the initial phone call and the first appointment? It’s a great way to build know, like, and trust and differentiate your remodeling business. Here’s a template you can use – go and implement it!
  2. Here is an amazing ten-word email that revives dead remodeling leads. Use it today!
  3. Remodelers On The Rise – I’ve been posting there consistently over the last many months. There’s free training, ideas, inspiration, encouragement for you as a remodeler. Give it a listen!

Ok – now that I feel like some solid value has been delivered to you…. 🙂 I’m very excited to announce my new product: Remodelers AutoPilot

Your most valuable marketing asset is your previous client list. Are you staying in touch with them?

 Remodelers AutoPilot includes a done-for-you email newsletter and done-for-you social media posts to help you stay-in-touch and drive more repeat and referral leads. 

If you’re a remodeler who does a lot of kitchen and bathroom remodeling – this program is built for you and solves a very specific (and common) marketing problem. 

It’s $1 to try for the first month. Full details here!