Hopefully, there’s something in here that is helpful for you to think about.

1. Reviewed a client’s 2021 Business Budget. They are opening up a showroom ($24k rent expense for the year), adding some employee benefits, adding a new staff member, and have several other new expenses. They have a game plan for that now! They know what they need to be bringing in for sales and where their Gross Profit needs to be coming in at. They can proceed confidently. Get clear with your numbers!

2. Mental health is as important as physical health. Convinced a client today to talk to his doctor and get a referral to see a therapist. It’s time and he’s going to do it and I’m proud of him. Might be the best call I will have had out of the hundreds of coaching calls I’ll do this year. Take care of yourself, my friends.

3. Reviewed with a client the PLAN he has for offloading a big chunk of his workload. He’s clear with all of the work/tasks he’s doing now – he’s done the work to identify which tasks he’s going to be handing off. He’s excited – something NEW and DIFFERENT is happening for him and he can see his workload and stress level improving in the coming months. He’s making a plan and executing a plan.

4. Helped one of my clients get their sales pipeline organized – it’s easy for them to see who they need to follow-up with. Their closing percentage is going to go up as a result.

5. A client has a paid ad going on Zip Recruiter. They landed a great lead carpenter two weeks ago and have a project manager who they are close to signing on. In BOTH cases – the hires were previously running their own remodeling businesses and are ready to join forces with an established company. There are likely people in your area who are feeling similar and they can be great hires.

6. Paul McManus was generous in sharing his Good, Better, Best sheet with everyone on the Remodelers On The Rise Live show. There’s a lot you can learn from it – go watch the replay and continue improving your sales process.

7. Received final approval related to refinancing our house. Rates are crazy low – you should take a look to see if it makes sense for you.

8. Prepped slides for a webinar I’m doing on next Thursday (2/18/21)- you can RSVP for it here it will be good.

9. Reminded a remodeler not to feel beat up, defeated, overwhelmed when he compares himself to someone who’s further along. Made sure he remembered to just keep making little improvement by little improvement and to remember how far he’s moved forward in the last year.

10. Comment or shoot me an email at kyle@remodelyourmarketing.com with something you did/learned today.