Something I’ve heard consistently over the last several months from my remodeling clients:

“I’m busy! There’s so much to do to keep up.”

Perhaps you can relate?

A piece of advice that I’ve been giving often lately is to make sure that you are focused on $100/hour and $1000/hour work – and delegating out the $10/hour work.

Here’s what I mean by that:

  • Track your time this week and next. Print out this document and fill in your activities next to the time slots.
  • Next to each activity put $10, $100, or $1000 – here’s how you determine that:
    • Examples of $10 work: Depositing money at the bank, taking out the trash, printing invoices, addressing envelopes, data entry into QuickBooks or CRM system, picking up supplies or permits, running to Office Depot or the Post Office, etc.
    • Examples of $100 work: Putting together an estimate for a prospect, reviewing a job cost report, setting up the schedule for an upcoming kitchen remodel, leading a pre-construction conference and smoothly handing off the project from sales to production, ordering custom cabinets for a client, communicating a change order to a client, etc.
    • Examples of $1000 work: Your in-person meetings with a new prospect. Presenting your design/proposal to a prospect. Business planning/strategy and reviewing your financials. Networking for your business.

If you read through those – what you should see is this:

As the business owner – you need to figure out a way to delegate the $10/hour work. You don’t have the time to be doing that work and you are too valuable to be spending one second of your time on it.

$100/hour – hopefully you have someone on your team who you can delegate some of this work to. It’s valuable work – takes skill to pull it off – but as the leader of the business, you want your time to be focused on…

$1000/hour work – this is the work that no one in your business can do as well as you. It’s selling your business to a new prospect. It’s the time invested in working ‘on’ your business vs. ‘in’ your business.

Give your schedule a hard look and start to focus on how you can delegate more $10/hour (and $100/hour) work out. It’s key to keeping your business moving forward and to ensure your family, friends and golf clubs/fishing poles still remember your name…


Another way to save time in your business is to get Remodelers AutoPilot implemented. This is what Bret Oleksyn with Odd Fellows Contracting has to say about the system:

“Remodelers AutoPilot has kept me very organized. All of my client information is at my fingertips. We keep in touch with our previous clients very easily with done-for-you email newsletters. I’m able to send out our appointment confirmation email with a click.

It’s like the least expensive employee we have. It’s reliable, never gets sick, and is consistent. It helps us keep a professional and organized appearance to our prospects and clients.”

Please contact us if you’d like more information.

P.S. You may remember from a few months back, I told you about ‘Seddon Days.’

The man behind that, Mike Seddon, passed away yesterday after a tough battle with cancer. He’s been an inspiration to me and I’d like you to honor my colleague Mike by reviewing these 5 Key Questions you need to be asking yourself to make sure that you are building a business for the life you really want to live.