I know what Dave (a client of mine in New Mexico) will be doing this Friday from 8AM-9AM. 

He will be sitting down with his 4 guys in the field and going over details related to how they spent their hours on the job sites this week. 

They will review expected hours vs. actual hours. 

They will talk about what they learned and how they can improve. 

Then, they’ll move into some lead carpenter training (they are reading a book/training together) and a quick safety meeting. 

They will end the meeting with takeaways of what each team member learned during the meeting. 

Ever since Dave started getting serious about job costing, they have been doing this weekly meeting (Going on 3-4 months now!)

What are the results of these meetings?

1) His projects have been tremendously more profitable. 

2) The expected vs. actual hours have gone from being way off to very close. 

3) His team has fully bought into wanting to know the numbers, know the hours, and make sure that they’re moving in the right direction. 

4) Dave feels so much more confident and comfortable in his estimating and how he’s managing his team in the field. 

And he’s making more money!

Hopefully this inspires you to do something similar